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Author: Miroslav Navrátil – Český nábytek – Týniště nad Orlicí
Provenance: Czechoslovakia
Age: 1958
Style: Expo 58
Design: Miroslav Navratil (1913-1999) * 23 August 1913 Boršice + April 14, 1999 Brno – Arts and Crafts artist-designer 60s of the 20th century, Czechoslovakia Manufacturer: Vertex Materials: black and gray lacquered fiberglass shell; wooden legs painted with clear lacquer, which are mutually fixed wires into the shape of a cross; chairs are in the main very good condition. Dimensions: v. 83 cm, w. 81 cm, h. 76 cm The author is best known as a designer tram seats fitted to trams in the 50th to 80th years of the last century. Laminate in combination with wood or metal used Miller in 50th to 60th years very often. Miroslav Navratil (1913-1999) was one of the most remarkable personalities in the field of furniture design in our country. He was an important member of the design studio of national enterprise development of the furniture industry, which supplied the design to manufacturing companies. His work has excelled in shape and technological progression. Vane chairs and chairs cantilever structure belongs to the best that the furniture at this time arose. He was also the author of one of the icons of socialist design – shell chairs with an oval cross-section between the backrest and seat, which were applied on trams T3. this model is called. “Television chair” was awarded in 1960 in Milan award for design. Armchair can be seen in the warehouses of the company, but only by prior arrangement, please email or telephone.
Dimensions in cm (height-width-depth): 81-81-76
Note: Sold
Century: 3rd quarter of the 20th century

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Navrátil Miroslav