Secretary desk – multipurpose – Expo 58 – IC04007

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Author: UP závody Bučovice – vintage label backside Secretary
Provenance: Czechoslovakia
Age: 1970
It is a multipurpose secretary desk with drawers. It is a wooden finish and veneered frame – spruce pale Ash veneer. The rear part of the laminated plywood – Oak. The secretary has a coating sprayed lak.Sekretář is in original condition and complete nepoškozen.Zámek works including contemporary klíče.Na back is a label manufacturer and UP races Bučovice – Prerov. This piece of furniture belong to the years 1965 – 1970. The secretary is refined and nepohledové parts are soaked in linseed oil and polishing the surface, and can be immediately used without further restoration without the necessary restoration work. It is stored in dry and is not attacked by wood-destroying insects and the like.
Dimensions in cm (height-width-depth): —
Note: Plywood – veneer made of ash veneer – laminated plywood

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