Television table – Expo 58


Author: Mier, národní podnik Topolčany
Provenance: Slovakia
Age: 3rd quarter of the 20th century
Style: Expo 58 – Brusel
Design: It is a ground-wood and lacquered massif – beech. The top plate are mounted yellow formica. In the middle of the lower table top is a steel pin for the possibility of rotating the upper plate. Small table was made for television receivers. Condition is very well preserved and a small table is unharmed. If interested, we provide transportation to and throughout the Czech Republic as a single shipments of our own transportation. Additional description see photographs.
Condition: Original, intact
Dimensions in cm (height-width-depth): 62-62-48
Note: If interested, we also provide complete polishing painted surfaces and in all kinds of finishing varnish – and shellac.
Century: 3rd quarter of the 20th century

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