Table – Kropáček, Koželka


Author: Kropáček, Koželka
Provenance: Czechoslovakia
Age: 1950
Style: Expo 58 – Brusel
Design: Coffee table from the mid-20th century. It is a design proposal that made Charles Kozelka and Antonin Kropáček, who in 1946 won the silver medal at the Triennale in Milan. Solid oak frame, glass top plate is missing, it must be replenished. Condition before reconstruction.
Condition: Finding condition
Dimensions in cm (height-width-depth): 56-73-73
Note: Items can be seen in the warehouses of the company, but only after previous agreement via email or telephone.
Century: 3rd quarter of the 20th century

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Koželka Karel, Kropáček Antonín