Great carpet Zebra – Antonin Kybal

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antique hand-knotted woolen carpet Kybal Antonín – wool on wool warp width 220cm length 400cm
Great carpet Zebra for JUDr. J. Kallmünzera
Czechoslovakia, Prague, designed by A. Kybal around 1936, made to order in workshop of A. Kybal. Knitted, wool carpet with woven motif Zebra stripes. Dimensions 220 x 402 cm, estimated price 250 000 – 350 000 CZK. Provenance: Family of JUDr. J. Kallmünzer. Dr., authenticity confirmed by Lucie Vlčková, PhD.
Declaration owner: Carpet I inherited from my uncle JUDr. Kallmünzer George and his wife. My uncle was a lawyer in Prague and ordered carpet from A. Kybal to his apartment, which was in the house at Chotkova street. In the house had a studio designer Kybal which was related to my uncle. Carpet comes from the 20th or 30th years of the 20th century. Apartment building was demolished in the 60s during the construction of the metro station Malostranská. Probably should have be created another one – smaller, which owned family of first republic businesses from Mělník. But this I know only by hearsay. (Presumably, this specimen was auctioned in Auction House Granary in 2014 to a private collection. – Ed. Author.). Around 1936 was model also used for textile printing (eg. Curtain fabrics), see lit .: Czech applied arts from 1918 to 1938, A. Adler, Odeon, 1983 s.193.

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Kybal Antonín